Surfing Rabbi:
A Kabbalistic Quest for the Soul

Now Revised and Updated!

Growing up under the spell of surfdom's coveted mecca - Malibu Beach - Norm "Shifty" Shifren risks missing his own bar mitzvah to take his first shaky ride at the fabled surf spot. Benignly apathetic about his Jewishness, Shifren pursues his dream of becoming a big-wave surfer, lifeguard and triathalete.

Shifren's circuitous journey evolves into a spiritual quest that takes him from the pristine waves of Hawaii and Mexico, to intermarriage in Germany, a soldier's duty in Israel, and finally, to a small shtetl where he learns the mysteries of the Jewish ancients.

His true-life saga is one of a new-found Jewish consciousness and eye-opening self-revelation. Shifren's life comes full circle as he finds God not in the synagogue, but in the majesty of Jewish mysticism and the vast power of the ocean.

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